3 Best Corded Drywall Screw-Guns

Heavy-duty craftsmen require a drywall screw-gun with the precision power to keep up on all counts, with the guts and aggressive perseverance to complete their industrial tasks with consistent professionalism. Fortunately for these tough toolers, Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee each offer a corded drywall screw-gun that rises above the competition with heavy-duty power and always high-performance. Exemplifying the very best in the industry, these corded screw-guns ensure superior performance and always brilliant results. deck construction

To begin, Dewalt’s DW276 all-purpose screw-gun is one of the most impressive tools in today’s industry boasting all the features that make a screw-gun such a necessary instrument. With a whopping 6.5 amp variable speed, reversing motor, the tool has the high torque and big power to master every industrial job. While still weighing only 3.6 lbs, the tool is built with heavy-duty helical-cut steel for serious durability, and with heat-treated gears to ensure a surplus of long years and superior performance. The tool’s high torque is ideal for heavy-duty applications like deck building and heavy gauge steel stud framing, and with a metal gear housing, the tool boasts stable durability while remaining ergonomically comfortable and simple to use. Dewalt’s DW276 screw-gun is optimal for drywall installation and provides some of the best results and best handling you’re likely to find anywhere in the industry.

On another hand, Makita’s 6827 (variable speed, reversible) screwdriver is one big, high-performance, high-quality drill with features, like a powerful motor and big torque, to entice even the most thoroughbred craftsmen. An intense 6.5 amp motor and six-stage externally adjustable torque sensitive clutch mechanism power the tool through the most heavy-duty applications and additionally account for the tool’s consistently professional and effective performance. Said clutch mechanism is designed for the most precise and powerful torque, and featuring a silent synchronized pin clutch that is both ultra quiet and works to reduce wear, the gun is unquestionably durable. Sure-Lock depth adjustments provide consistent screw depth setting, and, on the inside, the tool’s heat treated, machine cut gears offer efficient power transfer and super smooth operation. Designed with comfortable style and with a lightweight cast aluminum gear housing, the tool is durable while still offering comfort and controlability. One of the truly greatest drills in the business, Makita’s 6827 is a tool you will never regret adding to your tool repertoire.

Additionally, Milwaukee’s 6740-20 screwdriver is designed with the strength and durability to perform your industrial and home projects with the utmost professionalism. With a huge 6.5 amp, variable speed (0 – 2,500 RPM) motor, the tool is ideal for decking, drywall, framing, and other like applications. Additionally, the tool has a ramp-off depth locater for simple and accurate depth adjustments, and because the tool is corded you can be certain it’s power and capacities will never be sub-par. The tool’s all metal gear case and diaphragm add to its overall durability, while an ergonomic and well balanced design render the tool comfortable to operate and simple to control. The screwdriver is ideal for applications from rough to minimal use; but, however you use the tool, it will undoubtedly be kicking for a healthy long time. Milwaukee builds some of the best corded drills in the industry, and the 6740-20 is a shining example of their durable, high-performance standard.