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Secured payment thru Bola168

Safety and security are the main things when it comes to playing in an online casinos. In general, online casinos are preferred by many users because of the convenience and accessibility over the traditional physical casino. There were worries on the security and safety when it comes to online casinos, but those were a thing in the past, especially now that most online casinos have integrated extra security features for their website.

Secured registration

Many users are validated through a secured registration process. The user would have to provide his email address and primary contact numbers so that the system can verify if he is an actual user. This is also to avoid multiple registrations.

Secured payment



Many online casino sites offer different payment options for the security and protection of the users:

  • Credit card payments. Some users prefer to use their credit cards when doing the online transactions.
  • You may use the keywords Bola168 when searching for different casinos accepting this payment option. Many users prefer this because they have a bitcoin wallet and they think it is more secured to use.
  • Debit cards. Some users use their debit cards, especially if they don’t have credit cards that they can use.
  • Prepaid credit cards. Some users do not want to directly use their credit cards so they will use a prepaid credit card instead. Prepaid credit card is similar to a regular credit card in a sense that it beards the same mastercard or visa logo, but the user must deposit money on to the card to be able to have funds on it.
  • Paypal option. Another secured way of paying is by the use of paypal for your payment. Paypal acts a mediator between the online casino and your credit card.

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