You may have gained several followers.

Creating a solid social media fan base: Easy ways to get auto likes on Insta in 2019

To be able to gain followers of your social media account is just one part of the process. The other significant parts consist of gaining avid followers, gaining active followers, and creating a solid fan base, so to speak. These 3 components is essential in making your social media profile relevant and marketable.

Gaining avid followers

The next step in the process is, gaining several avid followers who will be checking on your posts and photos on several instances. If you have avid followers, they tend to be very engaged on the things you post and share. It would lift your popularity and add to your social relevance.

Gaining active followers

Some people are getting confused on the distinction between an avid follower and an active follower. An avid follower may be regularly checking your posts and photos. An active follower, on the other hand, is doing the same thing – the only difference is that they are more interactive and engaged. One of the unlimited auto likes on Instagram is to get both avid and active followers. They would tend to routinely check your posts and photos, and at the same time, comment and even send you direct messages if needed.



Creating a solid social media fan base

Now that you have a considerable amount of followers who are both avid followers and also are active, the last step in the process is to create a group out of this fan base. This means that you have to mediate and get them to be involved in a social group or fan base. This would strengthen their engagement, and would really help build loyalty among your followers. It is also a great way to be able to interact directly with your followers.

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